Faro San Isidro

The two-day program begins with land transport from Punta Arenas to Voces Bay, point of embarcation. There, a coastal navigation takes off in a fast rigid inflatable boat. This ride takes between 20 to 30 minutes, and it is common to make sightings of the southern Peal dolphin. Upon arrival at the lodge, you will be offered coffee with home-made pastries. Your guide will welcome you and inform you of the morning activities, which include visiting a reproduction of a Kaweshkar settlement, a visit to the lighthouse museum and a later trekking to Aguila Bay, all of which will take two hours. The return to the Lodge is done by sailing, arriving for a lunch based on seafood, vegetables and Chilean wine.

During the afternoon we will get prepared for a kayak expedition, paddling next to the coast, passing Aguila Bay. Depending on the ability of the passengers and of the climate conditions, it is possible to reach as far as Nassau Islet. During this activity, sightings of Peal dolphins and sea lions and a variety of sea birds are frequent. The adventure will take between three and five hours. Upon returning, dinner will be awaiting and a time for commenting the activities with the guide, learning about next day’s activities, ending with an agreeable rest in the comfort of your room.

Next day, after morning coffee, we will prepare for hiking to Mount Tarn, taking a box lunch and sailing to Punta Arbol. From there, we will disembark in order to reach the beginning of the trail for ascent, which takes three to four hours, with a privileged view of the Strait of Magellan and the islands at the end of the world. Descent takes about two hours, for a total of between five and seven hours, depending on the capabilitiies of the trekkers. After this activitiy, we will return to the Lodge for coffee and to prepare for an outing at approximately 16:30, returning to the embarkation point where our transfer van will be waiting for us to return to your Lodge and back to the city at 18:00.


  • Day 1 8am Departure from Punta Arenas Visiting a reproduction of a Kaweshkar settlement Visit to the lighthouse museum Trekking to Aguila Bay Kayak expedition Optional: Spa & Sauna.
  • Day 2 Hiking to Mount Tarn Sailing to Punta Arbol 6pm Return to Punta Arenas.
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