Karukinka & Darwin Range

The Karukinka reserve in Southern Tierra del Fuego was established in 2004 through a land grant from Goldman Sachs to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in one of the largest donations ever made for conservation in the world. Karukinka, which means “our land” in the language of the indigenous Selk’nam, is a pristine corner at the end of the world, boasting imposing mountain ranges, virgin sub-antarctic forests, unique peat bogs, and endless rolling steppes. The reserve is a spectacular showcase for emblematic Patagonian wildlife such as guanacos, foxes, Magellanic woodpeckers and the majestic Andean condor, and is home to more than seven hundred plant species. Besides that, you will we be able to enjoy the majestic views of the deep fjords and white-caped mountains of the untamed Darwin Range and see incredible glaciers falling from 1,500m into the sea. Only a few have had the opportunity to discover the secrets of Karukinka – your chance awaits! Join us on a trip to the first and just recently opened trails in Karukinka!

Difficulty: Moderate –Includes trekking, kayaking, sea-navigation, mountain biking, horseback riding and flora and fauna observation
Lodging: Camping, cabins and cabin aboard the boat during the expedition

We can only offer a limited amount of spaces!


  • Day 1 Travel to Tierra del Fuego- Crossíng the Strait of Magellan by ferry, a journey that probably will have the company of dolphins, cormorants and other seabirds – Activities are trekking, horseback riding, bird watching or photographic safari. 
  • Day 2 Lunch and stop-over at Vicuna, center of operations of the Wildlife Conservation Society, Fagnano Lake – Activities are fly fishing and mountain biking. 
  • Day 3 & 4 Sánchez River Valley – 2 day trekking through stunning red peat-bogs in the Sánchez River valley. 
  • Day 5 Navigation on a chartered sailing boat through the fjords and glaciers of the Darwin Range. Activities are sailing and sea kayaking. 
  • Day 6 Sailing to Punta Arenas, traveling through the tight , beautiful Gabriel Channel, passing Cape Froward, the southernmost point on the American continental mainland and a stop at the nearby lighthouse of San Isidro. 
  • Day 7 Transport to the Punta Arenas Airport for return trips.
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